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Carbon 6 Sprinter Legs Coming Tomorrow

Since we released the original Sprinter Legs back at the end of September last year, we’ve often been asked for a carbon 6 variant. Well, our talented art team have been hard at work on something rather special and tomorrow (April, 13th) we’ll be adding the new Carbon 6 Sprinter Legs to Robocraft. You’ll be able to forge them as well as uncover them in crates after the update goes live tomorrow.

Along with the new legs, we’ve made a few changes and fixed some bugs. As usual, you’ll find all the new additions to the game as well as changes and bug fixes below.


  • Sprinter Hermes Carbon 6 movement part*

*Excluding the forge cost, the C6 Sprinter Hermes share the same stats as the non-C6 version.

To examine these new legs more closely, feel free to zoom around the model via the Sketchfab display below.


Special thanks to Sketchfab for their incredibly nifty 3D model plug-in tech.


  • Changes to disconnection penalty – Players who suffer from occasional disconnections in Robocraft will now have their penalty time reduced:
    • 1st disconnection – 0 seconds
    • 2nd disconnection – 30 seconds
    • 3rd disconnection – 60 seconds
    • 4th disconnection – 120 seconds
    • 5th disconnection – 300 seconds
    • 6th disconnection and above – 600 seconds

Please note: If a player has received a disconnection penalty and they play 3 full games without disconnecting, then their disconnection ‘penalty level’ will reset back to zero.

  • MMR settings were tweaked to help more players getting into Protonium League.
  • Updated Xsolla store in-game:
    • Items are now in a list, rather than a grid
    • The ‘Learn More’ buttons now display the extra info right under the button, rather than a popup


  • Improved the video quality of the intro trailer
  • Updated in-game advert for Premium to highlight 3x recycle rate
  • Updated the BRAWL image to display ‘First Win Bonus’ as a rosette


  • Fixed a bug which made it possible for a clan to have no leader
  • Fixed a bug which caused the Robocraft client to close when recycling more than 5,000 cubes
  • Fixed an issue that caused Robots with multiple ‘layers’ of hovers not to adjust their hover height when lower hovers were shot off
  • Fixed a spacing issue on ‘new cubes awarded’ section of the Promo Code screen
  • Fixed a bug in Play vs AI mode where you always respawned in the same location
  • Fixed translation issues with the 4 Year Holoflag
  • Improved the readability of the ‘more info’ text on the Xsolla store in Chinese and Japanese languages
  • Fixed a bug which caused Tesla explosions to sometimes appear on the wrong Tesla Robot in matches