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BRAWL Update – Out Now

news_brawl_outnow_largeToday, December 14th, we introduced BRAWL, a new and exciting way to enjoy Robocraft. This new game mode aims to bring regular, fun twists to the game via changes to mechanics, maps, weapons, Robot requirements and restrictions – all of which will require you to build custom Robots in order to be the best. We’re also rewarding BRAWL players with extra bonuses for their first BRAWL victory.

To find out more about why we introduced this new BRAWL mode, read Mark’s latest Dev Jam.


  • Introduction of new BRAWL Game Mode
  • Removal of Pit and Elimination as individual Game Modes (merged into BRAWL Game Mode and will be rotated in future Brawls)
  • New Play screen with tooltips
  • New BRAWL Game Mode details screen
  • Christmas BRAWL started
  • Hellion Crater Map updated for Christmas
  • Festive music


  • Game Mode: Elimination
  • Map: Hellion Crater (Christmas Version)
  • Auto-Healing: Disabled
  • Min Robot CPU requirements: 100
  • Max Robot CPU requirements: 2,000
  • Cube Restrictions: Nano not permitted
  • Bonuses Awarded: x3 XP and a bonus crate for first victory


  • Add timeout to avoid waiting too long for custom avatars to load


weapon_balance_changes rail_balance_changes


  • Fixed a bug which prevented the avatar of a clan invitee from appearing on the pending Clan invitation screen
  • Fixed an audio bug which prevented SFX from playing when someone joined your clan
  • Updated the returned error message when attempting to login to the website with an unconfirmed email address
  • Fixed a bug which enabled a player to send party invites or view their friends list while in a matchmaking queue. Doing so disabled the ESC key
  • Fixed a visual bug that prevented the EMP module from appearing on the placement gun when in edit mode
  • The quality settings text is now updated when a player changes their default language
  • Fixed an issue with the CRF that displayed the last column of Robots incorrectly at some resolutions
  • Fixed the ratio of the flags on the language select options to prevent them from appearing squished
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Robocraft Client to sometimes crash when opening the final crate in a purchased pack
  • Added a new glass texture to all the bridges in the game
  • Multiple corrections to Italian language text in-game*

*Thanks to your detailed feedback on the new languages supported in Robocraft, we will be making a number of changes and improvements to the text in-game as soon as we can.

Please refer to our forum post here if you see a mistranslation in-game and you’d like to submit a correction: http://robocraftgame.com/forums/topic/localisation-update-feedback-thread/