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  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from acknowledging warnings and suspensions if they were transitioning between game modes
  • Increased the size of the ‘Contesting’ text in-game
  • Fixed a bug which caused the clan sizes numbers to be displayed incorrectly in some instances
  • Game hints in AI Mode are now displayed
  • Fixed a bug which caused the Protonite Core explosion animation to end before the ‘beam’ disappeared
  • Fixed a bug which prevented parties of two from being matched against single players


  • Remove level-lock on game modes – all players, regardless of level can now play all game modes
  • Minimum MMR gained for a battle victory is now 1
  • Reduced all Rail scope zoom by 25%
  • The average MMR loss in Bronze and Silver Leagues will be 50 taking it inline with Gold League. While MMR gains in Bronze and Silver Leagues will still be higher than in Gold League
  • The character limit for usernames on the login screen has been increased to 32
  • Additional voiceovers added


  • 4th Birthday Holoflag description has not currently been translated into non-English languages