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This update has been reverted. More information on the reasons why and when you can expect all these changes to return can be found here: http://robocraftgame.com/basic-mode-map-update-reverted-0-13-2067/


  • Replaced old Birmingham Power Station Map in Basic and Play vs AI Modes with new updated maps:
    • Earth – Birmingham Power Station (2017 version)
    • Earth – Vanguard’s End
    • GJ 1214b – Spitzer Dam
    • GJ 1214b – Ophiuchus Valley
    • Mars – Tihonium Canyon
    • Mars – Tharsis Rift
  • New ‘Dominant’ game mechanic added. When one team controls three capture points for 60 seconds in Normal Mode, they will become ‘Dominant’ whereby the protonium charge rate is greatly increased while they maintain the three capture points.
  • Matchmaking level banding introduced:
    • Player levels 1 – 5 matchmade together
    • Player levels 6 and above matchmade together
  • In Normal Mode, when the battle is at 95% a siren sound will now trigger
  • In Normal Mode, a siren sound will trigger when there is one minute remaining
  • In Basic Mode, when any team requires one kill to win, a siren sound will now play


  • Improved Anti-Hacking Measures: Easy Anti Cheat has been updated to address a recently diagnosed exploit with the Linux client. This vulnerability has now been fixed and we’ll continue to monitor and ban players permanently for hacking.
  • Added more scenery to Spitzer Dam to provide more cover and improved symmetry on terrain [late addition]
  • Removed all-player kickback when a player fails to load into battle [please note this was removed as it was found to cause other issues]
  • Balanced hover physics to improve user experience:
    • Increased general acceleration to improve responsiveness and reducing drift
    • Reduced general velocity to maintain current speeds
    • Increased dampening so bot comes to stop sooner after releasing key
    • Increased velocity cap to maintain current speed with thrusters added
  • ‘Draw’ voiceover added to Normal Mode


  • All Basic/Normal Mode based BRAWLs will now punish early-leavers with a five-minute penalty
  • Fixed a bug which prevented a player’s MMR from displaying correctly in the friends tab if a clan had a long name. Now clan names longer than nine characters will display as [clan name]…
  • Replaced missing language translations for the current BRAWL
  • Fixed a bug which made it possible to Blink through the Protonite Core
  • Fixed a bug which caused the user-interface animation for base progress to get stuck if a player destroyed a large number of crystals on an enemy base
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused the trail effect of weapons to be stopped by the low power shield on a base
  • Fixed a bug which caused the 4th Birthday Holoflag name to display incorrectly in non-English languages
  • Fixed a visual bug which caused a player’s league rank to show no increase if they jumped to the next rank when having less than five stars on their current rank badge
  • Fixed an issue where the lobby connection symbol could be seen behind the ‘connecting to server’ symbol
  • Fixed a bug which caused the wrong voiceovers to play when a team won/lost in Normal Mode
  • Updated the Play vs AI Mode battle loading screen to display the correct game mode
  • Fixed a bug which caused Robot thumbnails not to update in garage bays [this bug was not fixed in this update]