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Artbot Competition – The Winners Are…


With the release of the new Kong movie in cinemas recently, it felt like the perfect opportunity to host another of our popular Artbot Competitions.

For our most recent Artbot competition we wanted to see your fearsome movie monsters in Robot form. We wanted to see Robots that were based on movie monsters; either live action or animated. We were looking for aliens, monsters in closets, dinosaurs and dragons. I have to say, you didn’t disappoint – there were some cracking entries.

We split the competition into five different categories to make it easier for you (and us).

  • Three legs or less (humanoid monsters, snakes and Graboids)
  • Motorized monsters (monster trucks, cars from hell, flaming motorcycles)
  • From the ocean deep (giant squid, massive sharks, Kraken)
  • Four or more limbs (giant spiders and killer rabbits)
  • Flying monsters (Mothra, Dragons, Flying Monkeys)

Remember, each of the winners in the five categories will receive either one week of premium membership or 25 protonium crates (if they already have lifetime premium). In addition to this, an overall winner’s robot will become a ‘Featured Robot’ in the CRF (Community Robot Factory).

So, without further ado, it’s time to announce the winners of each category, along with a special honorary mention at the end.

Category 1: Three legs or less


3rd: DB12 Critters – Andry42


2nd: DB12 GODZILLA(2016) – gohten


WINNER: DB12 Tyrannosaurus – pentagon1994

Category 2: Motorized monsters


3rd: DB12 EXTERMINATOR – foltywiren


2nd: DB12 Jigsaw – Zaubervirus


WINNER: DB12 Ghost Rider – Vasdef

Category 3: From the ocean deep


3rd: DB12 MOBY DICK – djieff


2nd: DB12 Jaws – pentagon1994


WINNER: DB12 Sharktopus – hydra0818

Category 4: Four or more limbs


3rd: DB12 – The Head – SwitchCase


2nd: DB12 Arachnid Bug [ST] – Lornar

cat4_1WINNER: DB12 Xenomorph – Rahkshi

Category 5: Flying monsters


3rd: DB12 Saphira – GrayVulpes


2nd: DB12 Matrix Sentinel – Sheep_wielder


WINNER: DB12 Tracker Jacker – Prometheus_Robotics

Honorary Mention:

honor_mentionDB12 Samara Morgan – Andry42

Overall winner:


DB12 Sharktopus – hydra0818