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6 Maps Added to Basic Mode


After the pain caused by last week’s planned update, today we’ve finally been able to add the six new maps back into Basic and Play vs AI Modes. Huzzah!

The six new maps are:

  • Earth – Birmingham Power Station (2017 version)
  • Earth – Vanguard’s End
  • GJ 1214b – Spitzer Dam
  • GJ 1214b – Ophiuchus Valley
  • Mars – Tihonium Canyon
  • Mars – Tharsis Rift

The maps are in-game now – we hope you like them.

Yesterday (Monday) we started rolling out daily incremental builds; adding a specific feature so that the team here can debug the code in order to isolate the issue caused by last week’s update, which prevented players from joining games properly.

Our initial plan was to do these small builds without the need for any downtime; however, this hasn’t been possible and some maintenance time has been needed. For the remainder of the week expect a period of maintenance from 10:00 (UTC) each day. While this isn’t ideal, and we understand that this impacts your playing time, it will allow us to rollout incremental updates to isolate and fix the on-going issue related to players not being able to join battles.

For the rest of this week, aim is to add in the features, changes and bug fixes that were planned for the original update last week. So expect some exciting things such as:

  • New ‘Dominant’ game mechanic. When one team controls three capture points for 60 seconds in Normal Mode, they will become ‘Dominant’ whereby the protonium charge rate is greatly increased while they maintain the three capture points.
  • New sound effects and voiceover
  • Balance changes to Hovers
  • Matchmaking level banding:
    • Player levels 1 – 5 matchmade together
    • Player levels 6 and above matchmade together

And finally, as promised last week when we reverted Robocraft back to it’s pre-new map update state, we have a one-day premium code for you as way of apology for the interruption to your Robocraft playing last Thursday. You’ll find the code below and you can enter it in-game to receive one-day free premium time.

more_maps4basicClick here to find out how to redeem codes in Robocraft

The code can only be used once per player account and is valid until 12:00 UTC on Monday, March 27th.