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Holiday Presents Revealed



Greetings Robocrafters! I hope you’re having fun opening presents, eating food and doing whatever else it is that people from your particular area of the world do on this most special of days.

Since November we’ve been randomly sprinkling our in-game Salvage Crates with two different present varieties – one epic and one legendary. Today we’re happy to reveal what exactly is hidden in those expertly wrapped boxes!

May we introduce the new Carbon 6 Plasma Devastator and Carbon 6 Plasma Goliathon:



These new gun variants will be unwrapped from all presents starting Thursday, 5th January. Before that time new presents will drop and they can still be forged. We’ll have more information about these new weapons and other Robocraft after the New Year.

Thanks for supporting Robocraft and we’ll catch you all again in 2017!